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This is just so therapeutic!

      Okay so based on the featured image I guarantee you that this post will leave you saying what??? This one is actually for all my shopaholics! I think there is a little remedy. Well at least something that I’ve found to be rather therapeutic! And the only tools you’re going to need is a spot to relax, a beverage of your choice, and a device that gives you access to online sights!     Now I partake in…

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10 Tips to Make Your Lifestyle Happy & Healthy :)

    Hi lovely people! So this one is all about the happy and the healthy baby! Okay so I have tried ‘diets’, fitness regimes, and all that weight loss jazz in the past. But I seem to be loving this happy and healthy lifestyle the very best. Many times as women we tend to compare ourselves to others, or we focus on being a certain weight. We tend to place more emphasis on being ‘skinny’ over being healthy. After…

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