The Baby Food Maker;  Celebrity Chef Agatha

What About Mommy’s had the awesome privilege of interviewing Agatha Achindu, founder and partner of Yummy Spoonfuls. She has an innate passion for family and health which shines through her work ethic and lifestyle. In 2006 she left her 6 figure job as an IT executive to start Yummy Spoonfuls and hasn’t looked back. Her life and work are an inspiration to mothers and entrepreneurs everywhere. Hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. Please read to the end, you won’t regret it! 🙂

Our Yummy Interview

So lovely Agatha! It is truly an honor to feature you! For those of you who don’t know, there are some accolades this amazing being has under her belt such as wife, mommy, baby nutritionist and health expert. She has been featured on multiple popular mediums like CNN, Fox, Bravo, and People Magazine.

We discovered her because she played a huge role in feeding lovely mommies, Tia & Tamera Mowry’s kids. She is also the founder of Yummy Spoonfuls, an organic baby food line that consists of farm fresh ingredients. But she embodies so much more! So let’s jump right into the interview so you could get to know her a little better.

Where It All Began

1. So lovely Agatha, you’re a wife, mom, celebrity baby nutritionist, is there anything you can’t do?! Lol! What inspired you to start Yummy Spoonfuls?

Oh, thank you for that compliment! I grew up on a farm in Cameroon, West Africa, and as a child, the only foods my mother made was fresh from our garden or the local market. I have always loved food, especially fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables! So, when my son JZ, was born, making his baby food from scratch was just second nature. I was working full time as a tech executive, but I made weekly batches of fresh, organic pureed baby food for him to eat during the week. There were moms who were also my friends and neighbors, and they wanted to learn how to feed their babies this way, so I started workshops teaching other mothers to make their own food. Many of my friends wanted me to make extra homemade food for them. This turned into a huge project, so in 2006 Yummy Spoonfuls was born.

2.How long have you and your hubby been married?

We have known each other since we were kids, grew up in the same city, we have been married since 2003.

3. So we know you’re a mommy, how old are your boys? Are you planning on having any more kids? 🙂

No no no, we have 3 boys, 24, 18 and 12.

4. What is the most challenging thing about being a parent, especially when trying to ensure that your kids eat healthy/ make health and wellness a lifestyle?

It is so hard juggling all the roles of wife, mom, businesswoman, friend, sister, daughter – many women can relate! I think partly it is a matter of priorities, and making sure your priorities are straight. But also, as mothers, we have to teach our kids and set the example for the entire family. If you prepare your kids with knowledge, they will make good choices on their own, even from a very young age – and isn’t that what parenting comes down to? It’s all about teaching.

5. Where are you from originally? We love your accent!

Thank you so much! I am from Nigeria and Cameroon, was born in Nigeria and grew up in Cameroon and all over the world. I’m a global citizen.

Mom Entrepreneur: Finding the Balance

6. So back to the lovely Yummy Spoonfuls, we are so proud of you! Was is difficult to launch the line?

I appreciate that! There are many difficulties with a start up business, but I would say that the biggest challenge is funding. Of course, lack of funding forces you as an entrepreneur, to find the best use of your resources, and look for creative ways to solve problems. The learning curve is steep, but totally worth it when you look back and realize that there is no substitute for experience.

7. What advice would you give to upcoming entrepreneurs/ mom’s who desire to make a positive impact, and just pursue their dreams?

Really take a hard look at your dream. Do you have the passion to keep you going through the rough spots? Do you have a good support network? It’s important to be realistic, but if you work hard, believe that what you are doing will help others, and you are patient, you will be successful.

8. What is it like working with celebrity mommies?

In some ways, celebrity mommies are just like all moms – they want the best for their kids. What is most exciting is how passionate and accomplished they are, and it is really fun to work with women who are using their celebrity to highlight the importance of good nutrition and raising children to eat well.

9. What is the most challenging thing you face as far as being an entrepreneur/ creative soul?

Lately, it has been the demanding schedule. I really must have a certain amount of down time with my family in order to stay energized. Growing the business, and taking to the next level, is a big challenge while also prioritizing my family.

10. What keeps you grounded?

Definitely my spiritual life – I take time for prayer and meditation without fail. God guides my every move, and I cannot imagine trying to live my life without prayer.

11. Okay, so we literally melt when we see your amazing food on Instagram!!! Ahhhh! What’s your ‘go to’ breakfast for yourself and the kids?

It truly depends on the day, we love porridge like quinoa, oatmeal and millet, they are the easiest to make and just the perfect winter food, we do a lot of whole grain pancakes and waffles, we are a cereal free home (that is another story by itself mama), in the summer we are all into green smoothies

Healthy feeding = Healthy kids

12. Give us a simple tip to assist with feeding our kids healthily.

Help your children develop their taste for savory foods, and avoid sweets. If you can keep them off of sugar, the health payoff is huge down the road. I would say sugar addiction is one of the biggest problems with children’s health in this country.

13. Besides Target, can we find Yummy Spoonfuls anywhere else? And what are all the products you offer?

We have an amazing one year exclusivity deal with Target which is coming to an end this June after which we will branch out to other retailers.  We have the most delicious food for babies and tots that is made from scratch, with nothing else added to it, no citric or ascorbic acid, and immediately frozen to lock in flavor, color, texture, nutrients and aroma. Please visit our website for all the delicious flavors we offer.

Agatha’s Personal Advice

14. Share something that we need to know as mommies when selecting and preparing food for our families.

It is absolutely critical to read labels. Food companies like to splash advertising all over the package – “healthy” “whole grain” “good for you” – but it’s not always true! You have to read the labels and make sure that the product is pure, without chemical additives and preservatives that might harm your family’s health. Food companies sneak a lot of ingredients in, like added sugars, starches and poor quality fats. Often, to get really clean, healthy food, the only answer is to make your dish from scratch.

15. Can you share any juicy scoop as far as one of your next moves/ what we can expect to see with the line?

We are coming up with 4 new recipes for our growing toddlers, can’t wait for you guys to try it, we take so much pride in making REAL food for OUR babies.

16. Describe briefly a day in Agatha’s world.

I start my day with prayer and a deep sense of gratitude, thankful to be alive. I am on the road way too much haha, when home, up at dawn, make breakfast, take kid to school, go to morning mass, then off to work, on the weekends we cook a storm, we are always in the kitchen at home creating health and love, if you follow me on social media you know I batch cook like it is going out of style and freeze. It is the only reason I am able to feed my family fresh delicious wholesome meals on my extremely hectic schedule. Just to give you an idea, it is 1:52am right at this moment and I am yet to go to bed and get up at 5:30am. I am grateful though.

17. Some words of advice for maintaining balance.

It is truly about priorities – and you are in charge. You must prioritize your physical body, as well as your own spiritual and mental health. If you make the decision that you are going to have balance, and make sure that your friends and family know what you intend to do, there is a better chance that they will support you in doing what is necessary for your health and well-being.

18. Here at What About Mommy’s we always like to ensure that we encourage mommies to make time for themselves, no matter what. How do you relax and just unwind?

My kitchen at home is a relaxing place, filled with love – the aromas, the comfort, and being with my family makes me feel great. The other thing that I do regularly is give my body some pampering. I love baths scented with natural essential oils, and pure body products like shea butter and coconut oil.

Well lovely Agatha it was truly a pleasure to get a glimpse of your world. We truly admire all you do.

Be sure to check out Yummy Spoonfuls, and all of Agatha’s jaw dropping food on her social media platforms!