Okay so based on the featured image I guarantee you that this post will leave you saying what??? This one is actually for all my shopaholics! I think there is a little remedy. Well at least something that I’ve found to be rather therapeutic! And the only tools you’re going to need is a spot to relax, a beverage of your choice, and a device that gives you access to online sights!



Now I partake in this form of therapy at LEAST twice per week! I had stopped for a while, but I just felt the urge to begin again! So are you dying to know yet?! Lol! I do it while I’m sitting waiting on my kids at dance class, during the day if I have a free moment, or at night when the kids are all pooped out! Pretty much whenever I feel the need to relax, if I’m a bit stressed, or when I have some free time on my hands:)


Are you ready for this? Here goes! It’s filling up my shopping carts online & not necessarily checking out! Ahhhh! Im telling you it’s just soooo exhilarating! It’s like you get to view all the classic looks, styles, trends, and stuff that you desire, but you don’t necessarily have to end up spending more than you catered for. Or sometimes you don’t even spend any money at all! BUT it still gives you the ‘feel’ like you’re purchasing! I know I know it sounds absurd, but I guarantee you it feels great.



Normally I just fill up my cart, and then I either get some items, save some for later, or I might not even get any at all! And sometimes if I don’t get them right at that second, I might just come back to look for them and then I end up filling up the cart again! Lol! It’s addicting! I decided to share my little therapeutic session because I feel like it helps me when I feel the need to shop! So why not inspire others, and see if I could help in some way too? Right? I can’t stop laughing!



Yesterday I ‘shopped’ (more liked filled online carts) at Steve Madden, Tarte makeup, Staurt Weitzman, and Aldo! Soon much fun! I’m going to stop now. But I just wanted to let you guys in on my crazy shopping secret! I’m telling you you really want to partake in this therapy guys!



Happy Friday!!!



Have you ever tried this before? If not, do you think you’re going to? Leave a comment & let me know.



Blessings gems!