Okay mommies so it’s time for another fabulous mommy highlight! We have none other than the lovely Jess Oakes from Positively Oakes chatting with us today! She is a wife, new mommy, oh and a Doctor Pepper lover too! And on top of all of those marvelous names, she is running her amazing brand as well. She’s sharing her breastfeeding story with us. Her work has been featured on Buzz Feed and Cupcake Magazine just to name a few:)


So let’s get to know her a little better. Here’s what she had to say:) But first an ‘Awww Moment’.


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Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


Q: So lovely Jess what made you start your blog?

A: I have always LOVED writing and helping others, this allows me to do both!


Q:How do you balance work and mommy hood?

A: HA! That’s still a work in progress…I work when I can, generally at night when the husband is home and can help watch her & I bust as much out as I can while she’s napping! 


Q: What’s the most challenging thing about being a mom?

A: Probably balancing work and being a Mom, I love spending time with my little Blake, so it’s hard to get work done when I would love to just stare at her all day 😉


Q: Who inspires you?

A: Big inspiration is Julianne Hough, she’s so giving and doing good with her stardom!


Q: Any plans for any more kids?

A: Yes, one day! We had a hard time getting pregnant with Blake, so we will see!! But we definitely want to adopt either way in the future 🙂


Q: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

A: Becoming a Mom by far is my number one, second would be seeing how far I’ve come with my business!


And now onto Breastfeeding!


Breastfeeding was one of my biggest challenges when becoming a new Mom. I was always a little worried about it, but after being told numerous times that it would just be natural and work I became less and less weary. However, let me just state for the record it did NOT come naturally for me, AT ALL. This may not be the case for every woman, in fact every single Mom is different, but this was my case and one of my biggest struggles.

Our first breastfeeding shortly after Blake was born seemed to go great! I thought for sure, we’re golden! However, the nurses did 99% of the work for me and let’s be honest they made it seem SO much easier than it would be. After moving to the recovery room where we would be staying for the next 24 hours, we went at it again. The nurse had me try on my own and it was a disaster. I couldn’t get her to a position where I felt comfortable, everything felt awkward. She wasn’t latching and just kept falling back asleep. I was instantly in tears and frustrated. Plus, I had so much pressure on me to get all this colostrum in her because she was so little and her blood sugar was on close watch.

After three more attempts over the next couple of hours a lactation nurse came in. She had to hand express colostrum out and feed it to her in a syringe. I felt like a failure. I couldn’t even feed my baby! What was wrong with me? And then when they brought formula in to supplement her with because she wasn’t getting enough colostrum I was even more of a wreck.

I kept doing my best until it was time to go home, I fed as much as I could and did the best I could to get her to latch. We struggled though because she did NOT want to stay awake long enough to eat and our latch was a mess, so I continued to supplement formula the next couple of days, even after leaving the hospital. She had a little bit of jaundice and again, they kept saying feed her as much as possible. By this point, I was a hot mess and so frustrated with myself.  We left the hospital on a Saturday and the following Monday we met with her pediatrician to check on her jaundice and everything. She had dropped weight, which is normal, but she dropped for than 10% which they didn’t like. This is when my little breastfeeding miracle happened.

My pediatrician recommended me to a new lactation nurse. We met with her a couple of hours after our appointment with him. I was beyond full because my milk came in the night before and we hadn’t picked up my breast pump yet, so that drive there was a LONG one.
This lactation nurse was ah-mazing. She instantly showed me what I was doing wrong and she was able to get her to latch on perfectly, though not easily. So, she had Marcus run down to the pharmacy and grab a nipple shield. BOOM. There it was! That nipple shield has saved us. She latched instantly when I did it on my own and has eaten like a champ ever since. As much as I want to wean her off of the nipple shield, if it works, it works and I ain’t complaining!

Well, that’s not it y’all, yeah you thought I was done talking didn’t you?  Nope, that same week on Thursday the babe and I were diagnosed with thrush–talk about PAINFUL. So I thought. Then a couple of weeks later I got mastitis and I truly learned the definition of painful. I’m still dealing with that and it’s really not fun, at all, but we’re making our way through it.

Long story short, breastfeeding wasn’t easy for me. We’re all different. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not and sometimes it just doesn’t work. That being said, we should all be  supporting and loving each other no matter what.

Lovely Jess we want to thank you for letting us into your world and for sharing your remarkable story. Mommies what are some of your breastfeeding challenges? Always remember that you are not alone:)