So I really wanted us to connect a little more and just get to know each other:) I am a mommy of three, so  yes I’ve seen, smelled and experienced some interesting things. LOL! I have always had a very passionate desire for health, style, and the overall well-being of others. My beloved mom was my ultimate role-model. Her faith, love and genuine nature was the most remarkable thing I ever experienced. My sissy and I would always play dress up in her amazing clothing. She told us to always portray style, class and grace in whatever we represented. In my teenage years, I struggled immensely with low self-esteem. My mom helped me to break free from that horrific cycle by simply placing little nuggets or “self-esteem pills” as I like to call them, all throughout my room. She would use post cards with notes and scriptures reassuring me of my worth. My favorite one being, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.

When she passed  from breast cancer, my world felt like it came to an end. I decided to channel my painful emotions into a more positive outlet, because I knew that was what she wanted me to do. I chose to target moms because I noticed that we needed to be uplifted,  appreciated, and just feel good about ourselves. We needed an “outlet” to just get away for a bit. My hubby and I were sitting one afternoon just chatting and I was expressing my concern to him. At the end of all my “venting sentences” I would ask, “What about mommies?”

I started asking him what name he thought would be an appropriate name for our new idea? He proposed, What about Mommy’s?” Referring to the mom’s needs. I started thinking of ways or things that I would enjoy doing just to take some time for myself. Blogging, branding, laughing out loud, a pedicure here and there, exercising more often, and just finding creative ways to enjoy the moments were some things that came to my mind. My Trinidadian roots play a huge role in my life as well. I love the beach, music, art, food, travel and life in itself. But above it ALL, I am a wife and a mommy:) And I feel blessed, honored, and humbled to hold such amazing titles.

I recently experienced some more “bumps” in life’s road because I lost my dad. And he was truly my hero! I honestly felt like pieces of me were being ripped apart again! But my love for my family, passion for people, and God’s strength kept me going. So here I am, raw, real, and ready to uplift and encourage. Don’t give up! Your life has amazing purpose. Join me as we chat, share, refresh, and embrace all the great things that life has to offer.

Oh & I love all things organic, fashionable, funny, and refreshing too! LOL!

Always remember, “We all possess the greatness gene”, and never be afraid to be beautiful you:)

Love #jewelg


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