Alrighty so this section is designed to boost your self-esteem amazing ones! Often times we tend to forget just how special, loved, worthy, and incredible we are! But don’t you worry, we are here to provide constant reminders, chin ups & cheer ups!

You have to commit to taking these as often as you can though!

So here’s a few to get you going!


“Work on getting to a place of appreciating the body you’re in!”

“Your flaws are a part of your greatness!”

“You’re more of a stand out kind of chick!”

“Fitting in is so mediocre!”

“You are insanely worthy, incredibly capable, and oh so loved!”

“Your broken wings can be repaired lovely one!”

“People’s opinion don’t have to define your life. Focus more on who God says you are”

“Curves; If you got it, enjoy it!”

“Slender, skinny, tall, short…just love yourself & all of what you embody!”

“Permanently dismiss the negative voices!”

“Look on the brightest side!”

“Work on getting to a place of whole”

“You can work on becoming a better you, and even though there might be areas you want to develop, remember that you’re still pretty amazing!”

“Overdose on positivity!!!”

“Work on forgiving yourself because you are already forgiven beautiful one!”

“Sometimes you have to borrow God’s lenses to view yourself”

#peace #love #blessings #jewelg