So we are chit chatting with The lovely Melissa Joan Hart! The fabulous mommy of three recently launched her very own clothing line King of Harts, and she’s still gracing our TV screens in the hit series Melissa & Joey which shows on Wednesday’s at 8/7 on ABC Family. She had some juicy things to say about work, family and maintaining balance. Her personality is pretty awesome, and we are truly delighted to have her on the blog.

So let’s jump right in!

Q: So we haven’t heard from you in a while! What have you been up too?

A: We just celebrated the 100th episode of Melissa and Joey with a spring finale.  We will be back with 10 more episodes this summer before we wrap the series and I have another round of Nutrisystem commercials launching this spring. But my big new adventure is King of Harts, my new cool boys line that is made with awesomeness in the USA.

Q: What inspired you to start this line?

A: It was bugging my husband Mark and I that every kids store was 3/4 cute girls duds. We wanted some better options for our boys. It’s such a thrill to enter the business world and I’m beyond excited about being involved on every level.




Q: What would you say to mommies out there who want to be an entrepreneur but are simply afraid?

A: It’s a risk and I worry night and day about it. But that’s probably why it reminds me of another baby. You can make yourself sick with worry but starting a new adventure that you really believe in is a thrill.

Q: How do you maintain balance?

A: It’s not easy. I have to make priority lists daily. Some days work wins out but I try to put family first these days now that my show is over and I can run my new company from the house. It’s not easy working from home but I’m trying to be scheduled and make time for it all.

Q: Any juicy secrets on what we can expect future wise?​

A: King of Harts is my big focus now. But there are some fun future episodes to look forward to on Melissa and Joey this summer.

Mommy Melissa we salute you for being a great mom of balance, pursuing your dreams, and setting a great example. I know my boys would be decked off in the King of Harts gear pretty soon!  It’s nothing but adorable! 





Mommies how do you maintain balance in your life?