So we are super excited to have the lovely Linda Hall on our blog today! ‘Some’ of her accolades include: mom, friend, business owner, and wife to the amazing Pooch Hall. We have partnered with Linda to be a part of InClusion Clubhouse. Exactly what is Inclusion Clubhouse and much more can be found in her extremely awesome interview below! It was such a pleasure working with Linda. She’s fun, bubbly, compassionate, but most of all real. So start reading to hear all the amazing things she had to say! We are happy to call her friend here at What about Mommy’s!


Q: So lovely Linda, how long have you and Pooch Hall been together

A: Lord I’m about to start dating myself here Jewel. We met my my freshman year of college and got married about 5 months after I graduated.  So we’ve been together over 20 years, but married 17 going on 18 years.


Q: Do you watch The Game? Just kidding! No do you?

A: To be honest there was a love hate relationship between The Game and I. The First 3 Seasons were my favorite, not only because it was a comedy but I could relate to every episode and just laugh about many moments. Like you know when you get into an argument and you are so passionate about your point of view and then when you watch it unfold on tv and you’re like “Really?! that’s what I was mad about?” Or dang did I sound that ignorant or silly?”  And then you can’t help but laugh about it all. Even with Jason and Kelly, their marriage was so funny but I could relate too. I think I was a bit of Jason & Kelly mixed. I’m the budgeter and penny pincher in the relationship like Jason (not gonna say cheap one…lol but he may argue that) but all about my husband and child(ren) like Kelly was. I looooved that about the Game and missed it when it changed to a dramedy. Sometimes I also hated the Game because (don’t laugh at me) but I lived in a paranoid state. I kid you not but I would be watching the episodes with Pooch and look over and say, “Um this sounds too familiar who the heck you be talkin to? Is our house bugged?” Like seriously I checked. But it was so crazy how so many conversations, arguments and scenes between Derwin and Melanie sounded just like ours. I mean he would call me Melanie sometimes and I would be like OK Derwin.  It was hilarious but then you know the other downside is when the scene hits close to home and the subject is one that you are still holding onto and you’re like see….I’m not crazy…see that’s what I was talking about…lol and then the argument starts all over again. Love Hate. When the Series moved to BET, there was much more drama which made it hard to find the humor in our lives which we often laughed about in the first 3 seasons but I still enjoyed watching and I could still relate to Derwin & Melanie. 


Q: How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

A: We have 3 kids and a 4th on the way. Djanai our oldest daughter is 17 years old, Djaeda is 8 1/2, our son Djordan is 7 and another son due in December. So two girls and two boys.




Q: What would you say is the most challenging part about motherhood?

A: Well motherhood is a blessing and a curse as I’m sure you know. The joys of experiencing so many firsts and watching them blossom and grow, but at the same time a curse because you also feel their pain and sorrow and sometimes you hurt even more than they do because you feel guilty for not being able to do more to help them. Our biggest challenge came after the birth of our first daughter when we found out she was developmentally delayed and had special needs. We were later told that her brain didn’t completely form and she was officially diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 3. The biggest challenge was understanding what this meant for the quality of life for our child, this beautiful baby girl that we brought into the world was no longer going to live out all those hopes and dreams we had envisioned for her. We were young parents and this was all new, but it was like we not only had to deal with the normal things you deal with when raising a child, we now also needed to learn a whole new vocabulary and live in a whole different world, her world.


Q: How do you balance being a business mom and taking care of everything else in life?

A: Umm…Balance? Life is a juggling act and boy do I feel like I run the circus sometimes.  LOL.  It’s really tough. I’ve lost track of all the hats, Stay At Home Mom, Wife, PTA Vice President, Assistant, Manager, CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Grant Writer, Publicist, Promoter, Marketer, Social Media Wiz, Web Designer, and so on. Some days I only get one or two things done from each category and other days I feel like I’ve conquered the world and completed all major tasks. On the days I can’t seem to get enough done I pray.


Q: Now we all know relationships in itself can be challenging. But is it difficult being a Hollywood wife?

A: OMG!! Given all the recent breakups trend, I would say even those that look the happiest in Hollywood have issues. I mean look at Gwen & Gavin? Talk about heartbreak. It is extremely difficult. People forget that we are human. I don’t consider myself a Hollywood wife and maybe that’s why when people meet me or see pictures of me I don’t always live up to their expectations. I was born and raised in a small town in Massachusetts. I enjoy the simple things in life, I’m not materialistic, I’m kind and caring and REAL. I don’t get caught up in all the hype.  Don’t get me wrong I love getting dressed up and walking the red carpet like most girls would. And I feel blessed for the experiences. But it’s crazy how social media has given people this false sense of knowledge. People think they really know you and have a right to tell you how you should or shouldn’t live your life. Cyber Bullying is out of control and people feel like they can say whatever they want but forget these are real people with real feelings that you are commenting or attacking online. And women really don’t care, and it is sad to say that they have much less respect for themselves and others than men. Most guys who know you are married will comment on pictures and say things but keep it clean out of respect.  However, these women out there are literally throwing themselves at your man even if they know you are married and what is really sad is in one post they claim how much they pray and love God, and in another post they are commenting about all the things they would do to your husband or let him do to them!!! Ahhh!!!! Go back and check that Bible please. Lol!


Q: What keeps you grounded?

A: My Family but most of all my Faith. We are hit with so much daily but at the end of the day what keeps me walking a straight line is the fear of disappointing the big man upstairs.  I believe that everything in this life happens for a reason and God’s vision is bigger than mine. I never give up no matter what is thrown my way because I know my family needs me.


Q: So tell us about inClusion Clubhouse?

A: It all started with a problem and I’m all about problem solving.  At some point you have to stop complaining and start doing. The problem is that there isn’t enough for children, teens and young adults with severe disabilities to do. Their quality of life is very limited to what someone else is willing to do for them. This also makes it very difficult for families to stay active and include everyone and feel a part of their community. So my vision is to create a recreational center for families of children, teens, and young adults with special needs. Almost like a YMCA that caters to those who are very low functioning but inclusive for everyone. There will be sports and activities which typical kids and siblings can learn to interact and play with those who are disabled and focus on their abilities and similarities versus their differences.


Q: It sounds amazing! Why are you so passionate about it?

A: Because it affects my family personally.  I see how much my daughter wants to do but can’t. Many places aren’t accessible or accommodating to her needs. Our family is very active and I do my best not to make her sit out on activities, but sometimes it’s really hard. I just think if it’s hard for me and my daughter’s limitations, I can’t imagine how heart breaking it is for those parents whose child has limited to no ability. We can find things to do with kids who are higher functioning, but then there are other sensory and behavioral issues we may need to deal with. In a nutshell, there just isn’t enough recreational and social things for our special needs kids to participate in. I am extremely passionate about creating more for them.


Q: Any tips for parents with special needs kids? Or just tips for our mommies out there in general?

A: My biggest tip for moms is to feed your soul first, know that you are the best person you can be and that you give and put in all of who you are into everything you do. No matter what anyone else thinks. Yes we can always thrive to do better, but know that it is ok to be perfectly imperfect. Take time to do a little something for yourself. I know this is hard in one way but simple in another. It is truly what you make it. Shoot sometimes it’s just a bowl of ice cream while scrolling through social media quietly without any kids calling for you. Make time with friends, you need grown up time. Even if it’s just meeting up for coffee before work, a morning hike, make it happen.


Q: You sound like us here at What about Mommy’s! So do you plan on doing any acting in the future?

A: Well back in the day, I dabbled but it’s a tough business and when you have kids it’s really hard to do everything. Occasionally, I will still help out friends with school projects or music videos…lol. You can catch me in Pooch and Consequence’s “Something Light” video. My kids are very talented so I’m debating on whether or not I want to take on the hat of “Mommager” just yet.


Q: Any juicy secrets you can leak about Pooch?

A: Lol Juicy secrets?? I would have to say most of them have probably already been revealed in some interview he has done, but the biggest one that keeps getting the girls even though it’s not a secret is, YES HE’S MARRIED!! LOL!! But honestly every time I think of something I’m like nope he said that before or it’s on his social media.


Q: What do you like most about being a mom?

A: The Unconditional Love. I know that no matter what my babies will always love me and to them I am perfectly imperfect.


Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

A: Slow down and have patience.  When we are young we are in such a rush to grow up, I really wish I had taken my time with some things. But at the same time I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I had done things any differently.


Q: Briefly describe a day in ‘Linda’s World’.

A: That’s going to need to be continued…I have gone on and on for way too long. Lol! A day in Linda’s World is an adventure I’m not quite sure everyone is ready for yet.


Fabulous Linda once again we were so elated to have received this great insight on you, your amazing family, and all your beautiful endeavors. Please be sure to check out Inclusion Clubhouse. And stay tuned for more information on our amazing partnership with Linda