So we had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Draya Michele. Now some of you might know her from Basketball Wives. But this amazing woman is also a mom, business owner, designer, creative genius, and recently proclaimed by Forbes to be a self made millionaire!


Here’s what she had to say!
Q: Fabulous Draya, how is the pregnancy going thus far?

A: It’s been going really well. I have no sicknesses or anything.


Q: When are you due?

A: April 30th.


Q: Do you plan on having any other kids?

A: Yes, I have two boys so I would love to have a girl.


We saw some pictures of your shower and it was so beautiful!


Q: What was your favorite present?

A: Well people did a lot of customized stuff. And my stylist did a quilt that was very beautiful.


Q: So how did you tell Orlando you were pregnant and what was his initial response?

A: Well it was funny because he actually got injured and he went to get X-rays. And being that I just found out I was pregnant I knew I could not enter the room. So he saw me standing outside and he was very puzzled because I was not coming in. When I shared it he was in so much pain. He ended up having surgery and all of that, and then we discussed it again.


Q: Let’s talk about soon to be married life, is there an actual date yet?


A: No right now we are focusing 100% on the baby, selling the house etc.


Now we follow you on social media and we saw that you’ve chosen to keep exercising, which we think is pretty amazing.


Q: What does your workout regime look like?

A: Well I do light cardio and arm weights. So like the treadmill, the bicycle and the yoga ball for my lower back.


Q: How often do you workout?

A: I actually increased it from 2 times per week to 5 times per week.

Q: So with motherhood approaching again, what is one of your biggest fears?

A: Well I want to have a natural birth. So I am fearful of complications that will cause me to use medications, or if they want to induce me.

Q: Who is your role model and why?

A: Victoria Beckham. Because she wears so many hats, she has many kids, and she does it all in heels!


Ok so we were also reading your article with Forbes and we saw that you were proclaimed to be a self made millionaire!


Q: How do you feel about that?

A: Well to be honest I didn’t realize until I was doing my taxes! And I was like wow I did it!

Q: What advice would you give to upcoming mompreneurs?

A: Follow your dreams and do not be discouraged.

Q: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your pursuit to success? And what kept you going?

A: Naysayers, non believers, people who judge you based on your past. But I always wanted to be seen as a designer, and not a reality star so that kept me going.

Q: What advice would you give others as far as dealing with negativity?

A: Work, prove them wrong. Be quiet, do the job right, and let your work speak for itself.


So you’re a mom, you model, design, create. And recently we saw you on the big screen in the movie The Perfect Match!



Q: What was it like to be featured in the film?

A: It was awesome. I’ve done roles before but this one I actually saw myself on the big screen and felt proud. And my family did too. My kids weren’t allowed to see it because of the provocative role, but they knew I was a part of the movie. And they were proud too.

Q: Any more upcoming roles in the future?

A: Yes. There’s a movie called All In (it’s like about gambling and stuff) that I will be in.

Q: Can you leak any juicy secrets on any upcoming projects?

A: Hummmmm, I don’t really have any. I share it all. Lol!


So now unto Mint Swim!


Q: How did you build such a thriving empire?

A: I wanted to get out of my hometown and get inspired. So I started small and worked my way up. I did it all because I had no investors.

Q: What would you suggest as a ‘go to’ for moms in your collection?

A: The Fiona is a great piece that hides problem areas because it’s high waisted. So that one would be good.

Q: What do you and your handsome son do for fun?

A: Well he’s into sports. So Baseball and Soccer.

Q: What do you think is the most challenging part about having a blended family?

A: When my step kids have to go home. I miss them. They are my girls.

Q: Describe your perfect date.

A: A quiet romantic dinner. Somewhere where we can talk.


So we also notice you love to throw down in the kitchen!
Q: What’s Orlando’s favorite? And who taught you to cook?

A: He loves lasagna! I watched my mom. I’ve been cooking since I was like 12.

Q: Have you been cooking a lot during your pregnancy?

A: Yes, but my food is really salty these days! Lol!


So let’s talk Basketball Wives.


Q: Are you still friends with any of the girls?

A: No, because I keep my personal life separate from reality Tv.

Q: What did you learn from the show?

A: Be yourself and don’t worry how you’re perceived.

Q: Do you have any regrets?

A: No, I utilized it to get me to where I needed to be.

Q: Do you think you will ever do it again/ any reality tv again?

A: No


So here at What about Mommy’s we truly believe that Mommy’s can look and feel amazing too.


Q: What do you do to maintain balance in your life?

A: Always make sure I’m making time for my partner and family.


It was truly a pleasure to interview this lovely soul. Be sure to check out mintswim.com for amazing, sexy, and classy pieces of swim gear.


Draya thanks again for letting us into your world:)


Photo Credit: Chris Paul Thompson