So are you ready to hear what our mommy expert Rosie Pope has to say? We had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely mommy of 4. She was absolutely delightful! For those of you who don’t know, she is a London born entrepreneur responsible for Rosie Pope maternity. Which is a sophisticated maternity clothing and accessory line. She also has her mom prep, prenatal, postpartum and parenting studios.

Rosie’s days are filled with being a mom, wife, designer, educator, TV personality and all-around guide to women during their pregnancies and beyond. In just two years, Mrs. Pope became a trusted guru for stylish mothers everywhere – including Hollywood’s elite. After being featured helping celebrity mom, Bethenny Frankel prepare for motherhood on Bravo’s “Bethenny Getting Married”, this mompreneur debuted her own reality TV show titled “Pregnant in Heels”, which debuted on Bravo in April 2011. In this docu-series, Rosie uses her expertise to guide soon-to-be mothers and fathers through the joys and perils of preparing to have a baby.


Here’s what she had to say:) Mommy preggy’s this one is especially for you!

1. Q: Did you have an ideal mind set of what motherhood would be like before kids?

    A: The baby part is not as difficult, what I worry about are their egos and confidence. You have a huge part to play in who they become.

2. Q: Is it the same or different now that you have kids?

    A: I wish I had total confidence, but I still don’t.

3. Q: Why did you create the show Pregnant in heels? What was your inspiration?

     A: There was a shortage of maternity clothes and advice. I wanted to create a “one stop shop” that included services and all your mommy needs.

4. Q: Are you on a mission to change how mommies view themselves as well as portray themselves to the world?

     A: I would just encourage them to be themselves, stay true to who you are, and be confident.

5. Q: Will there be another season?

     A: We are working on some stuff (smiley face).

6. Q: Why heels? Aren’t mommies not supposed to wear heels during pregnancy?

     A: Heels are a metaphor. Most times the celebrities that you see in heels are driven by a limo, so they are comfortable by the time you see them walking in them. I personally liked wearing wedges because they are more stable. But do your thing, wear what works best for you:)

7. Q: Can you give us some style and fashion tips that would flatter pregnant moms?

    A: No must have list. Everyone’s body is different. Just wear things to compliment your body. Flowy is always good:)

8. Q: Do you have any role models?

A: My grand mom. She is courageous.

9. Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

     A: Helping others through this wonderful time. Motherhood is a precious gift.

10.Q: Do you have any crazy clients?

      A: I would not say that they are crazy, it’s just that we all manifest things differently. But ultimately we are in the same boat lol.

11. Q: What values are most important to you?

A: Respect, hard work, honesty, dedication, open with your love.

12. Q: Do you have any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

       A: Things don’t happen over night. It takes a lot of work. If you make mistakes, admit it and change the course.

13. Q: Do you and your hubby work together?

       A: Most definitely! I couldn’t do it without him!


Once again we were truly elated to interview Mrs. Rosie Pope. We congratulate her on her newest bundle of joy as well. She is definitely on our “Favorite mommy celebs” list:)

She also launched a new baby line, Rosie Pope baby that could be found at Amazon and Rosie Pope. The line is fun, creative and very unique.




We have partnered with her to do giveaway for a signed copy of her wonderful pregnancy guide book Mommy IQ . One lovely mommy will receive this treat. Let’s just say I wish I had this book when I was pregnant with my kids!




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Good luck beautiful people!