So we got the REAL scoop on the best Fall fashion tips from the one and only Jeannie Mai! We had the absolute pleasure of speaking to the lovely co-host of The Real, and fashion correspondent for NBC’S today show. She’s super sweet, happily married, one of the best fashionistas, and just a breath of fresh air! She didn’t just share her faves, but she also gave us some links where we could find the items too! 


So let’s get started, here’s what she had to say. Take notes mommies!

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1. Metallic, mod low heeled booties. They’re like a disco ball, but for your feet. Pair with a cool trouser pant in basic black or offset in
color. Then dance.



2. My fave chic slip on is a leather long skirt. A line is best, I usually snuggle into some warm leggings beneath. Pair with a classic button up shirt and layer with a cape or bomber jacket.



3. Skip the shine, make it a matte. I heart matte lips. So cool and unexpected, makes a flat out statement.



So hip hip hooray!  We want to say huge thanks to Jeannie again for taking the time to share these great fashion tips with us. Now we could all be Fall fly! Be sure to check your local listings to see more of Jeannie and her fabulous co-hosts on The Real. And you could also get exclusive offers on her must have items displayed on the show at Stylemined.



Mommies which one was your fave? Do you have a favorite Fall trend/Fashion tip? 


Jeannie with her co-hosts on The Real breaking it down.







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