So where do I begin?! Let’s see…Happy New Year loves! Lol! How have you gems been?! I missed you! Between wife life, mom life, and trying to have a life, it’s truly been very active! Lol. God is amazing though. And I have some exciting things lined up for your view this year 🙂 Buckle up because it’s going to be an on another level & no comfort zone type of ride! Health, love, style, fitness, cool peeps, wholeness, and all that jazz! In this section I just really want to bond with you guys, and allow you to get to know me (the mommy behind the brand) a little better. We will share, express, encourage, have fun, and maybe even shed a few tears if need be. But I really want us to focus on creating a community of positivity. And just a place where you can relax and unwind!

Alrighty so let’s jump in! I have had a love affair with the style & vibe of the streets for quite some time. I literally swoon over street style fashion. One of my creative friends reached out to me and asked me to be her model for some cool projects she’s heading. I was a little nervous at first. Because usually I get professional make up and all of that done for shoots like these. But, she told me she just wanted me to ‘do my thing’. Once I knew I had creative freedom to simply be me and express my style, immediately I chose to highlight my street style love.

More Street Style Love for 2017

Street style is an extremely broad type of style. It is not limited, and it is absolutely amazing! It embodies culture, candidness, diversity, expression, boldness, art, and just some dope stuff! It originated back in 1978; however, it can be as awesome then as now in 2017! Bill Cunningham was one of the first photographers to fall in love with this type of style. Magazines, some of which include New York Times, Vogue and Elle commonly feature photographs of individuals wearing this type of clothing.

I notice that bloggers usually take these pictures of people randomly. Like while people watching for example. It’s usually unplanned, and just impromptu. Which is why I love it so much as well!

In this shoot we were all up in the beautiful streets of West Palm Beach 🙂

The looks can be hippie, bohemian, punk, preppy, hip hop, urban, feminine, or kawaii inspired just to name a few. Some places where you can experience this fashion are: New York, Milan, Cape Town, Nairobi, Montreal, Londyn, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Barcelona.

Flowy, provocative, draped jackets, trousers, shorts, t-shirts, slogans, denim, heavy coats, boots, oxfords, boat shoes, button downs, suspenders, sneakers, ties, glasses, sunglasses, colorful apparel, accent jewelry, hats, and checkered pieces are all in the mix!

I truly believe that style is a form of expressing what you embody. It can be so individualized. And that’s one of the reasons I love it! It is also something that can develop and evolve over time. We are all unique individuals. And even though trends are cool, I truly believe that having classic pieces and staples are essential for all mothers. And remember to always put your own flare. Give your style your mark 🙂

Creating a signature look is cool as well. Like I know I’m a high bun & red lipstick kind of girl! And never forget to rock your confidence.

Whatever look or style you identify with, be sure to own it!

Soooo with all that being said, here are some street style inspired looks featuring me; jewelg 🙂

I was truly humbled to be one of the faces of MyFight. I am rocking most of their jewelry and handbags in these pictures. Their story is truly inspiring. Their products are handmade by women who are fighting extreme poverty. Be sure to check them out!

Special thank you’s to the creative guru behind these pics, Jeruv Garcia. She truly captures you at your purest state, and I adore that!

Disclaimer: It was like 78 degrees when we took these pics lol! Oh the things you do for the love of fashion! He he!

Let me know in the comments which look was your fave, and your favorite type of style.

Let’s shine a litter brighter this year and forever more beautiful people!

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These looks were all random pieces from my good ole closet 🙂