Happy Saturday beautiful people! We have 4 more days before Christmas! Ahhhhh! LOL! Ok let me behave myself now. How are you guys doing? Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? Are your brain cells still functioning? Don’t get too stressed out ok. In lieu of the season, we have decided to do another giveaway, and this one is all about our “mommy preggies”. Our friends at Need Brands decided to partner with us again! One lovely mommy will receive 2 boxes of Milky with a retail value of $59.98.

So what exactly is this “Milky”. Well Milky is an all natural lactation supplement. Tia and Tamera shared that they always wanted to ensure that they were giving their babies the best nutrition. Tia however, experienced some challenges with her milk production due to stress at work. She started to research options for help, but most of them were teas that was not pleasant tasting. And like we always say, “Healthy foods can taste good too!” So that’s when they both started to play around with healthy, yet great tasting ingredients and Milky was formed! Oh and just so you know, they gave me a sample to try and it was delicious! I know, I know I am way past the breastfeeding stage. But I wanted to give you an honest opinion:)

So let’s talk about breastfeeding. Did you breastfeed your kids? Pregnant moms do you plan on breastfeeding? Are you having a low milk production? I breastfed all three of my children! Oh and just a sidebar tip that’s worth mentioning: My mom always told me to wear the right bras when breastfeeding. You want to ensure that you wear nursing bras and ones that give you the right support (so we could keep everything nice and perky if you know what I mean!) LOL. Let’s just say her amazing advice worked. Ok so back to the breastfeeding 101. There were several observations that I made while breastfeeding. My kids were less likely to get sick, they were never gassy and they slept more peacefully throughout the night.

Some other benefits include: protects your baby from allergies, protects your child from obesity and lowers the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Oh and mommies you shed those extra pounds like crazy! So if you are stressed out because of a low milk supply, help is on the way. Breastfeeding also creates an amazing bond with your child as well. As mommies we always want to ensure that we are making the healthiest and happiest choices for our children. But sometimes it’s ok to get the right tools to assist us:)

So here are the giveaway rules! We will be announcing the winner on Christmas Day:) One lovely mommy will receive two boxes of Milky.
1. You must be a pregnant mom, new mom, or friend of either one of the two mentioned that resides in the USA.
2. You must comment on this blog post letting us know why you would like to win.
3. You must like our social media feeds so we could stay connected. We provided the links so it’s just a click away!

Sending out a huge thank you to the beautiful mommies Tia and Tamera and their amazing Need Brands crew! Be sure to connect with them on facebook, twitter and Instagam as well under Need Brands.


So let the fun begin!


We are sending out a special thank you to the amazing Tia and Tamera and their fabulous Need Brand crew!