Hey lovely ones! Welcome to the refreshing zone. I wanted to create a space where mommies can feel replenished. I mean after a day of dirty diapers, chauffeuring our lovely kiddies, homework, cooking, cleaning, numerous episodes of Barney, and work, let’s face it we need a break! Lol! I hold the titles of wife and mom, so I know the drill!

So many times as mommies we tend to focus on everyone else’s needs but ourselves. But you cannot effectively operate in all your roles if you are not it a wholesome state. A healthy and happy mommy is an awesome mommy and overall individual.

Purposely misspelled because we are not your typical mommy group! So we are ditching those mommy jeans, cheeseburgers, and all that jazz! Mommies can look and feel amazing too! Our goal is to make you feel inspired, joyous, and uplifted. So sit back, and get ready to enjoy this amazing ride.

Oh and if you’re not a mommy, and you’re just browsing, we welcome you too!

Don’t you ever forget that you are wonderfully made!

Psalm 139:14

– Jewelg

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