Hi lovely people! So this one is all about the happy and the healthy baby! Okay so I have tried ‘diets’, fitness regimes, and all that weight loss jazz in the past. But I seem to be loving this happy and healthy lifestyle the very best. Many times as women we tend to compare ourselves to others, or we focus on being a certain weight. We tend to place more emphasis on being ‘skinny’ over being healthy. After my first baby I felt the pressure of getting back to my ‘pre baby’ weight. And I honestly went a little overboard and got super skinny (which was not necessarily healthy). New mommies, mommies, ladies, of course we want to look fabulous. But let’s make sure we are doing it in a healthy way. Don’t stress or feel pressured to do it for the wrong reasons. After my last baby, I dropped the ‘baby weight’, and my workouts and diets were on point, but I still had some things to incorporate as well. I also went through a period of gaining weight due to the loss of my parents, stress eating, and other life events. On the flip side of wanting to be skinny, sometimes we might desire to look ‘thicker’, or more curvy (not saying that this is bad at all:) But how about just wanting to be happy and healthy? How about loving your body? Whether it’s skinny, thin, slender, thick, curvy…How about creating a lifestyle change, rather than a ‘quick fix’? 


We have so many images, looks, fads, diets, that are constantly being pushed in our faces. We tend to base our goals on unrealistic, and sometimes photoshopped celebrity pictures, or maybe even body frames that really does not suit our body types. I’ve come to the realization that looking good on the outside is not as good as feeling good on the inside. I believe that we need to love and embrace who we are. And I mean truly love and fully embrace who we are.


I made a decision a couple months ago to work on creating a healthy and happy lifestyle, instead of trying to look a certain way. And it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Healthy and happy goes hand in hand. I feel like I am finally getting to a place of whole. My fitness and eating habits are on point, energy levels increased, and I above it all I feel good on the inside. You have to be happy with who you are. Don’t base your happiness on what other people think about you. You don’t have to wait until you acquire a certain look to be happy. You are beautiful, a rare and precious creation. So take care of yourself, and love your body. Your shape and size is tailor made for amazing you! 


With all that being said, here are a few tips that have been keeping me on track!


1. Incorporate prayer in your day:)

Prayer just helps to get you in a right posture, it contributes to peace, and just gives you overall direction. I usually like doing it on mornings (and well I pray all throughout the day as well lol). But definitely incorporate prayer in some part of your day.


2. Make up your mind!

There’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind. Decide if you really want to make healthy and happy your lifestyle, and then wholeheartedly stick to it!


3. Set goals, destroy them, and set some more!


So goals are great! And destroying them is even better! Once you’ve achieved that initial goal, set a few more, and destroy those too. Keep challenging yourself:)


4. Believe that you can!




There’s a power and beauty in believing in yourself. God said that you can do all things with his strength. There is also a quote that says, ‘Believe that you can and you’re halfway there!’ Don’t stop believing!


5. Really focus on maintaining a clean diet consistently.


Now I think that the diet part (which is the foods you eat on a daily basis) plays the most important role! Work on making your diet super clean. And remember ‘Abs are made in the kitchen!’ I had to say it! LOL! Fruits like berries, papaya, apples, and watermelon are excellent choices. Eat your veggies (dark green leafy ones), good carbs (fruits, quinoa, brown rice), lean meats and incorporate superfoods like macca powder, chia seeds, camu powder, cocoa powder, and hemp seeds. Eliminate dairy and processed sugars (you know the cakes, candies, pastries, brownies). Try to keep everything as organic, fresh, and natural as you possibly can.


6. Ditch the ‘treats’/splurge or cheat days!





Now I’ve never liked the whole ‘cheat or splurge days’, because I feel as though it could be taken advantage of at times (ME) lol! So I always did ‘splurge moments’ instead. But if you have a goal, I would skip those days altogether! Of course if you feel for a slice of pizza, a frappe made with coconut milk, or some curried chicken sometimes, I would say go for it! But try to eliminate those days as best as you can. If you really focus on making your diet super clean, your body is no longer going to crave those so called ‘treats’. The real treats are a delicious salad, a refreshing all natural green smoothie, maybe a small piece of dark chocolate, or just anything that would really do something great for your body!


7. Guzzle water like crazy! Lol!


I can’t say it enough, drink lots of water! And not just any kind of water, but quality water. Water that has a good Ph, purified, or filtered. Try your best to get the best quality that you possibly can. Water is excellent for you skin, hair, weight loss, headaches, and it energizes your muscles! So drink up!


8. Detox often!





It’s so important to give your body a detox. A juice cleanse, no meat, or cutting out sweets are some great ones to implement. But your body must have periods where it can repair, cleanse, and just have a moment to release all the unnecessary toxins. Now besides the physical detox, it’s always a great idea to examine your circles, and your mentality as well. Eliminate relationships that are toxic, and release negative thinking. The body achieves what the mind believes. Purpose in your heart to keep a joyful and positive spirit, and don’t surround yourself with anything or anyone that does not contribute to this as well.


9. Exercise consistency!


Whether you walk, jog, run, box, do weights, a class, a dvd, or dance for an hour; exercise. I would say at least 5-6 times per week. Exercising helps with anxiety, weight loss, a plethora of diseases, and it just makes you feel great! So sweat it out!



And last but certainly not least:)



10. Stay motivated & make it fun!






Hang around people who are likeminded. Research stuff, read books, connect with blogs, brands, fitness experts, and just educate yourself about the journey. Look up healthy recipes, remake your favorite dishes in a healthier way. Healthy food can taste good too! So it does not have to be boring at all. Don’t think of this lifestyle as a task, think about it as a fun experience, and enjoy to the fullest!!!



So there you have it! Leave me a comment below and let me know what’s your number one tip for staying happy and healthy.